Research Areas

The department develops six research areas, based on the research focuses of faculty members. Each research area has senior professors who are responsible for leading young professors, in cross-discipline research projects. It is easy to see that the department has different focuses toward a multi-discipline curriculum. We believe our research and teaching quality may be superior to others while maintaining a competitive status as compared to top rank universities in Taiwan. The research of our department can be categorized into six main research groups:

  • Software Engineering and Programming research group
    1. Object-Oriented and Service-Oriented Software Engineering
    2. Agent-based Software Design and Fast Software Prototyping
    3. Agile Method and Software Maturity Model
    4. Software Engineering Environment
  • Data Engineering and Data Mining research group
    1. E-Learning Techniques and Applications
    2. Information Analysis Technologies and Applications
    3. Database System and Bio Data Bank Techniques
    4. Data Mining and Data Warehousing Techniques
  • Computer Networking and Engineering research group
    1. Next Generation Broadband Internet and Applications
    2. Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks
    3. New Cryptographic Techniques and Communication Security
  • Network and System Security
    1. Multimedia Computing and Engineering research group
    2. Video Surveillance Systems and Car Safety Monitoring Technologies
    3. Graphics and Human-Computer Interactions
    4. Image Processing Technologies and Multimedia Streaming
    5. Medical Image processing and multimedia Databases
  • System Engineering research group
    1. Assistive Technologies
    2. Robotics Technologies and Applications
    3. Embedded Systems and Software/Hardware Co-design 4.Human-Computer Interfaces and Human-Computer Interactions
  • Computational Theory and Applications research group
    1. Algorithms
    2. Graph Theory and Optimization
    3. Grid Computing and Cloud Computing
    4. Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence